Upper / Lower Limbs Double Pulley Trainer

Item No. H03BC002 (HC-DP-MB1142)
Product Name Upper / Lower Limbs Double Pulley Trainer
Dimension 280mm (L) x 250mm (W) x 2200mm (H)
Package Size 2185(L) x 285 (W) x 395mm (H)
N.W. 64kgs
G.W. 73.9kgs
20’ Container QTY 120 sets
40’ Container QTY 240 sets
‧ Accurate strength setting 
‧ Exercise with in the space of two square meters 
‧ Two smooth pulley can load the weights                                           
‧ Quiet operation during usage
‧ Clear audio feedback of strength, frequency, and time information on monitor
‧ 0.5kg increment weight stack plate, and optional weights from1kg to 10kgs
‧ Optional pull distance from: Single - 10cm to 200cm ( 5cm increment ) 
                                              Double -  5cm to 100cm ( 5cm increment ) 
‧ 20cm~180cm of height adjustable (32 segments)