Multi-function Mini Bike

Strengthen muscle groups of upper and lower extremities

Item No. H03AB003 (HC-WL-TH662C)
Product Name Multi-function Mini Bike
Dimension 1500(L) x 460 (W) x 400mm (H)
N.W. 14kgs
G.W. 17kgs
20’ Container QTY 304 sets
‧ Adjustable height for different users
‧ 5-levels adjustable resistance
‧ Strengthen muscle groups of upper and lower extremities 
‧ Keep track of time, distance & calories
‧ Strong fixture for stability
‧ Fashionable design match home display
‧ Flexible space usage

Enhancing shoulder muscle and improving its ROM Multi-function Mini Bike
not only can assist disable and elder people to strengthen the muscle strength
of upper and lower limbs, but also can achieve the effects of intensify cardiovascular
system and speed up the metabolism.