Exercise Putty

Non-tonic, super clean, non-oily, unscented and latex-free. Treat as therapy putty for finger and hand strengthening, ideal for pediatric therapists, hand rehab experts, and other OT and PT professionals.

+ Finger and hand strengthening & exercises.
+ Can be squeezed, stretched, twisted or pinched.
+ Combine any colors to create customized resistance for individual needs.

Item No. H03CE002 (HC-PTY-SL)
Product Name Exercise Putty
Country of Original Taiwan
Material Silicone
Dimension Weight: 100 g / box

Level 1 - White (Very soft)
Level 2 - Yellow (Soft)
Level 3 - Blue (Medium)
Level 4 - Red (Hard)
Level 5 - Black (Very hard)