Leg Extension / Leg Curl

Train Muscle Group - Quadriceps, Hamstrings

Item No. HC-BH-MA779
Product Name Leg Extension / Leg Curl
Product Spec. 1136(L)x765(W)x699mm(H)
N.W. 46.4KGS
G.W. 49.3KGS
20’ Container QTY 45 sets

‧ Assist in training for muscle strength, health care, and body shaping.  
‧ Hydraulic cylinder provides 6 smoothly adjustable resistance levels designed to train oppsing muscle groups.
‧ Streamline Shape & Ergonomic Design
‧ Circuit Training Applicable
‧ Train Muscle Group - Quadriceps, Hamstrings

Beginning Pose
Keep your back straight in the  seated position.
Slide your shin between the 2 lower cushions with the knees over the upper cusions.


Ending Pose
Lift your legs up slowly until your legs are straight. Stop for 1 sec, 
and then pull your legs down 1 sec. to starting position.


Activation of  Muscle Groups​
‧ Quadriceps
‧ Hamstrings