Cognitive & Agility Trainer

Cognitive & Agility Trainer is designed as
a game to improve user's muscle strength,
softness, coordination, cognitive and agility.

+ WIFI connected and APP control
+ Training records and trainees management
+ Suitable for all ages

FCC/NCC Approval

Item No. HC-CGT-9WL
Product Name Cognitive & Agility Trainer
Country of Original Taiwan
Material Wood, Steel
Product Spec. Size: 70*79*20.5 cm
Color Walnut
N.W. 30kg

The Cognitive & Agility Trainer is based on “REACTION” and “KNOCKOUT” modes as the basic agility training foundation. With new add-on the “LOGIC NUMBERS” mode can be cognitive training. The interactive mode “TIC-TAC-TOE” makes the training more fun and challenges.